2004-2005 – second edition

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The second edition of the campaign „Alcohol – minors not allowed!” took place in 2004-2005 under the slogan “Your protest has a meaning”. The group to which the actions were addressed consisted of customers who witnessing an alcohol sale to a minor often manifest a total lack of interest vis-à-vis the problem. In the entire country there were controls of outlets selling alcohol, where Certificate of a Solid Seller, or Yellow Warning Cards were awarded.


Continuing the idea of the campaign „Alcohol – minors not allowed!”, the action started on the 23rd of November of 2004 with press conferences in nine biggest cities in Poland. In frames of the campaign there were educational actions or activities verifying the sale of alcohol to minors. Representatives of breweries supplied roughly 80 thousand alcohol selling outlets with campaign materials, among others with booklets entitled “The art of refusing, or strategies against strategies”, signs “I don’t sell alcohol to minors” and posters. An information line was launched – a Line of Non-indifferents with the number 0-801 188 288. Public television thematic channels (TVP), cinemas and the Polish radio all placed campaign spots and newspapers and weekly magazines published advertisements.

The subject was raised by national and local press. The actions were joined by local governments and the distribution of campaign materials was performed also by networks of supermarkets. The slogan of the campaign “Your protest has a meaning” calls for responsible actions in care of youth. It is supposed to contribute to raise the number of reactions of adults in case of an attempt of alcohol purchase by a minor.

In the entire country there were controls of outlets selling alcohol. Since January 2005 136 Certificates of a Solid Seller and 513 Yellow Warning Cards were distributed. The title and the Certificate of a Solid Seller was awarded to entrepreneurs who, according to the valid law, consistently refused to sell alcoholic beverages to customers looking very young and who were not able to prove they’re 18 years old.

The Yellow Warning Card was instead awarded to people who were suspected of having violated the law in regard of selling alcoholic beverages. These shop assistants sold alcohol to a person who could not with a document prove to be 18 years old and his or her physical appearance could have provoked doubts.

Especially formed local investigation teams examined whether the law on non-selling alcohol to minors was respected. A person who seemed to be minor asked for alcohol without showing any identity document. The reaction of the shop assistant decided whether his or her shop was later delivered a Certificate of a Solid Seller or a Yellow Warning Card.

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Between 2003 and 2005 in cooperation with the State Agency for Alcohol Problem Solving, UBIEP organised and conducted a nationwide educational social campaign under the slogan „Alcohol – minors not allowed!”

Its objective was to change social attitudes in the area of allowing or not for alcohol sale to minors as well as an attempt to limit this phenomenon in outlets selling alcohol.

Because of its wide extent, time and effectiveness of the conducted activities, the campaign received many distinctions and prizes in Poland and in the Unites States, among others the prize of a Golden Clip 2004 in a contest of the Union of Public Relations companies as well as a prize of a Silver Magellan 2005 in an international contest organised by the League of American Communication Professionals.


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The campaign was supposed to diminish the scale of the phenomenon of selling alcohol to minors and to change shop assistants’ and witnesses’ attitudes in this regard. So far, experience and observation show that alcohol sale to minors is still too a frequent occurrence. According to the Act on education in sobriety and alcoholism counteraction it is a crime submitted to a fine, a licence for alcohol sale withdrawal or a confiscation of alcoholic beverages.


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Państwowa Agencja Rozwiązywania Problemów Alkoholowych, Naczelna Rada Zrzeszeń Handlu i Usług, Polska Izba Handlu (Polish Chamber of Commerce), Polska Organizacja Handlu i Dystrybucji, Urząd Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumentów oraz sieci handlowe (Biedronka, E. Leclerc, Kaufland, Real, Tesco, Żabka) Patronat nad kampanią objęły: – I edycja: Radio Zet, Telewizja Polska SA, sieć Multikino, Cyfra +, UPC oraz inni najwięksi operatorzy TV kablowych w Polsce.


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