97% of beer advertisement conforms to national advertisement standards

Opublikowano: 9 listopada 2007

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Research proves that 97% of beer advertising conforms to national advertising standards, proving the effectiveness of self-regulation in beer advertising.


A research, ordered by The Brewers of Europe and published in „Beer Advertising in Europe” by independent researchers show that 97% of beer advertising in TV and press conforms to standards imposed by local authorities responsible for advertising self-regulation management.

„The brewing industry in Europe constantly drives to meet social expectations in the field of responsible advertising. Advertising standards established in 2003 in the Guidelines for Responsible Commercial Communications for Beer Brewers of Europe constantly give detailed indications for the whole industry”, said Rodolphe de Looz, General Secretary of The Brewers of Europe.

„Clear principles of examining the complaints against irresponsible beer advertising have been established and we will encourage everyone who has a problem with any advertisement to submit a complaint”.

Almost 3% of the complaints submitted are the ones concerning alcohol advertising. The number of complaints concerning beer advertising is even lower.

The Brewers of Europe is an official voice of the European brewing industry in the European Union and its institutions. Today the membership encompasses 25 national brewing organisations, representing 95% of beer produced in the European Union and employing directly or indirectly 2.6 million people, which is 1.2% of all jobs in the European Union.

I never driver after drinking

On the 27th of March 2008 in Pałac Prymasowski a press conference took place on a new initiative of the brewing industry with the participation of UBIEP, the National Road Safety Board and a social psychologist, Monika Probosz.

Since the 1st of April 2008 bottles and cans of beer will be successively labeled with messages calling for not driving after drinking.

Marking the packaging with the symbol „I never driver after drinking” is a joined initiative of the breweries united in UBIEP, representing over 90% of the beer market in Poland.

The initiative is complementary to the long-run policy of educating consumers on responsible beer consumption conducted by the brewing industry, and in this particular case – on not driving after drinking.

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