Autumn meetings of the Brewers are over

Opublikowano: 2 listopada 2008

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In October the 16th edition of the Autumn meeting of the Brewers took place in Cracow. The host of this year’s event was Calrsberg Polska S.A. – Browar Okocim.


This year’s meeting was attended by 260 participants. Among them there were representatives of the brewing industry, persons representing companies cooperating with the industry: technology suppliers, machinery suppliers and representatives of higher education institutions.


The subjects brought up concerned among others modern solutions for the brewing sector, perspectives for the Polish brewing sector in the European context, production management, packaging, logistics and transportation as well as impact of the brewing industry on the environment and on raw materials and supporting components for beer production.


The following guests were present among others: Iwona Jarzębska, the deputy director of Carlsberg Polska S.A., Maciej Rybicki, the CEO of Royal Unibrew Polska, Jerzy Dwornicki, the general manager of the brewery in Żywiec, Tomasz Drzazga, the production manager of Tyskie Browary Książęce, Mattheus Dietworst, the CEO of the brewery in Leżajsk, Agata Czarnecka, the production manager of Royal Unibrew, Michał Gotowała, the CEO of the brewery in Szczecin.


Representatives of some industry organisations were also present. Among them it is worth mentioning Danuta Gut, the director of the Management Board Office of UBIEP and Andrzej Olkowski, the president of the Association of Regional Breweries in Poland. The Ministry of Agriculture and Countryside developments was represented by Andrzej Kuczyński.


Danuta Gut (UBIEP) and Andrzej Olkowski (Association of Regional Breweries in Poland) discussed perspectives of the Polish brewing industry in the European context. Danuta Gut spoke about actions related to excessive alcohol consumption: about young people protection, protection of drivers, pregnant women and breast feeding mothers as well as protection of jobs. Andrzej Olkowski spoke about the changes planned in the directive on excise. It is thought that their aim is to raise the minimum excise stake by as much as 25%. Such a change can occur by the end of 2011.


During the 16th Autumn Meeting of the Brewers an Open Contest of Beer also took place. The results of the contest are given on the web page:

The prize “Key to Success”

The prize “Key to Success” for the best and most innovative product in the brewing industry in the year 2008 was given to Alfa Laval for its decanter, Foodec. The contest jury involved representatives of breweries – members of the Scientific Board of the Autumn Meeting of the Brewers.


The next meeting already next year.

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