Beer is used in cosmetology

Opublikowano: 28 sierpnia 2012

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Natural ingredients giving the unique beer taste and character are also used for production of cosmetics – especially these which are used for hair and skin care. The amber beverage abounds in minerals and vitamins, also from the group B and this is precisely the vitamin which has nutritive properties and regenerates protein structure also for hair.


Also other beer components have care properties: hop and corn. Hop extract abounds in eteric oils, tans and flavonoids (organic pigments). It strengthens hair, helps oily hair lower the level of grease. It accelerates divisions in hair roots and it smoothens head skin irritations. This is why it is used for shampoo and hair conditioner production. All this information confirms that we can take advantage of the experience of our mothers and grandmothers who used beer to wash their hair.

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