Beer lover’s cuisine – soups, sauces and snacks

Opublikowano: 1 września 2012

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Autor: Barbara i Adam Podgórscy, Anna Jach
Wydawca: 2005, Kreator Instytut Wydawniczy


Beer has been used in national cuisine for a long time. Also in Poland beer has a long culinary tradition as a beverage and as a component of many dishes. Both light and dark beer is an excellent additive to various dishes, especially those containing meat, fish and poultry. It makes meat become tender and enriches its taste and smell. „Beer lover’s cuisine” is a collection of recipes for excellent dishes which go well with beer or with a beer additive: beverages, sauces, snacks and soups which will allow not only to quench thirst with the golden beverage but above all to savor its excellent taste.

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