Results of the beer industry in 2008

Opublikowano: 27 lutego 2009

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The beer industry notices a visible slowdown because although it closed the entire 2008 with a 1.7% sales growth, the decreases which started in 2008 are continuing. The excise increase on beer and the expectation of higher budget inflows as well as the plans of limiting marketing communication do not allow the brewers to optimistically look into the future.


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Results of the beer industry (The first half of 2008)

Opublikowano: 26 lutego 2009

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The first half of 2008 showed a visible decline of beer demand compared to the analogical period in 2007 (+ 3,3% and +15,2% respectively).


Apart from the visible decline of beer sales another threat for the industry is the project of modification of the Act on Education in Sobriety and Alcoholism Counteraction, which assumed the introduction of health warnings on alcohol packaging and the limitation of freedom of communication with adult consumers as well as of product availability.

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Results of the beer industry in 2007

Opublikowano: 25 lutego 2009

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In 2007 the beer industry noted a slow increase of demand compared to 2006 (+8,4% and +6,7% respectively).


2007 was a difficult year for the industry because of the increase of prices of raw materials and packaging used for beer production, troubles with their availability (particularly visible in summer months) as well as the increase of malt prices and considerably lower hop crops than foreseen.

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Results of the beer industry in 2006

Opublikowano: 24 lutego 2009

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2006 was a year of a demand increase (+7,2%) compared to 2005 (+5,2%).


In October the European Commission approved a document indicating the strategy of the European Union concerning the support of members states in the process of decreasing damage stemming from alcohol abuse and in December the Ministers of Health of the member states approved the document entitled „Communication on Alcohol and Health”. Their aim is to decrease the number of injuries and deaths caused by road accidents provoked under the influence of alcohol, to raise awareness on harmful influence of alcohol consumption on health, to protect children and youth as well as to help gather reliable statistical data.

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Results of the beer industry in 2005

Opublikowano: 23 lutego 2009

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2005 was a very good year for the industry. There was a visible increase of beer demand compared to the previous year 2004 (+5,1% and +1,6% respectively). From the year 1990 beer production in Poland tripled.


The beer industry contributes significantly to the economy – it ensures inflows to the budget, creates employment, is a partner of the government by analysing the taxation and para taxation system and undertakes actions in the area of the business’s social responsibility.

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