EBC dives into style revival culture with modern brewhouse technologies

Opublikowano: 14 czerwca 2016

The next Symposium of the European Brewery Convention will take place in September in this year’s European Capital of Culture. The Polish city of Wrocław is an excellent choice to discuss on the latest brewhouse technologies surrounded by history, dynamic culture and assist to the official “premiere” of one the city’s revived beer styles.

Taking place on 18- 20 September 2016 in Wrocław, the EBC Symposium will be organised for the first time in Poland. The topic of this year’s symposium is „Modern Brewhouse Technologies and Wort Production”.

Poland and EBC – choice for modernity

It was in 1991 that brewhouse related matters featured as key topic for an EBC Symposium for the last time, and it is a particular occasion for the host – Browary Polskie (Polish brewers association) – to celebrate the 25 years of changes in the Polish brewing industry with this theme.

The Polish brewing sector has gone through various waves of changes since the 90’s. A thorough modernisation, increase of beer education, large interest from media and consumers have made of beer a champion among beverages.  Third country in Europe in terms of production and consumption, Poland today is a lively place to taste beer with a multitude of bars and festivals, wide variety of styles and breweries of all size.

Wrocław – culture and brewing hub

Wrocław, known as Breslau before the end of World War ll, is a beautiful city with a restored old town, where students, tourists and business make it bustle and feature among the most dynamic cities of the continent. As European Capital of Culture 2016, the city proposes a variety of events and performances for all public. The city also hosts the biggest beer festival in the country and the Lower Silesia region has been at the forefront of developing a beer lovers’ community across the country.

During the symposium the attendees will have the chance to visit the city from the Oder river perspective, as well discover the wide range of beers from the Browary Polskie members in an old brewery building after the first day of presentations.

Schöps – reviving a style

The rich history of the city goes beyond its architecture. The merchant and multicultural character of the city and the region has also its footprint in beer. Among those beer styles existing in the past features “Schöps”.

The “Breslauer Schöps” was a non-phenolic and slightly lactic sour wheat beer that was brewed in the city before World War II. A recently opened brewery in the city, Browar Stu Mostów, decided to take the challenge and revive the style. With the cooperation of Distelhäuser Brauerei a special brew will be brewed in summer and launched at the closing of the Symposium in September.

More information

The registration and all information on the symposium is available on the event’s website:


The call for abstracts closes on 27 June and the full programme soon afterwards.