Europe’s brewers welcome 20 Years of the EU Single Market

Opublikowano: 15 października 2012

Brussels, 15 October 2012: As the European Union and its Member States begin a week of celebrations to mark 20 years of the Single Market and prepare for SME Week 2012, Europe’s brewers reflect on how the beer sector has been able to grow and contribute to economic growth and employment and on the important role that SMEs continue to play.

The Single Market has greatly benefited Europe’s consumers by facilitating access to the full diversity, variety and choice of beers across Europe, which includes an estimated 120 beer styles and 40,000 brands. The ability for brewers to make their products available to all of Europe’s consumers is also a key driver in keeping Europe at the forefront of global brewing expertise and innovation.

Europe’s approximately 3,500 SMEs represent around 40% of EU beer production. They are a critical part of a sector that supports two million jobs, contributes €50.6 billion per year in total government revenues across the EU and accounts for around 0.5% of the total EU economy.

Pierre-Olivier Bergeron, Secretary General of The Brewers of Europe, said “Europe’s brewers have benefitted considerably from the EU Single Market and we join the EU institutions and Member States in celebrating its 20 year anniversary.

Europe’s brewers strongly welcomed President Barroso’s speech at the last annual ‘Beer Serves Europe’ gala dinner in November 2011, where the European Commission President outlined plans for “helping businesses, generating demand and reducing fragmentation in the Single Market” and “reducing the regulatory burden for SMEs.

Bergeron added, “The EU brewing sector has publically committed to supporting the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. A renewed focus on SMEs supports economic growth and the drive towards full employment and will help Europe’s brewers, who produce beer in every EU Member State, to fully contribute to the economic recovery.


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