Excellent beers – verified recipes

Opublikowano: 1 września 2012

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Autor: praca zbiorowa
Wydawca: 2006, Polskie Browary


The book contains verified and most interesting recipes for house beer of almost any type. It constitutes a compendium for every brewer. In „Excellent beers” you can find on 150 pages many tested recipes prepared by a group of best Polish brewers. You’ll find here recipes for lagers, pilsners, porters, stouts, light and dark wheat beer, rye beer, honey beer, monastic and buckwheat beer. Each recipe enumerates necessary ingredients in detail and describes step by step methods of brewing, hopping, fermenting and maturing. Additionally, the book includes an instruction on how to malt beer as well as an overview of the most important world styles. All recipes included in the book are based on ingredients available in Poland.

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