General Secretaries’ Meeting

Opublikowano: 20 października 2006

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Between the 21st and the 23rd of September in Cracow a meeting of General Secretaries representing the brewing industry in the whole Europe took place. The meetings of the Brewers of Europe serve as a platform to discuss plans and tasks for the consecutive year. They are organised annually and every year in a different country. This year UBIEP had a pleasure to host the General Secretaries in Poland.


The conference too place in a hall of the Historical Museum in Cracow. The meeting was accompanied by several events: a visit of Cracow, a ride with an ancient tramway, a walk to Wawel. Guests visited also Wieliczka, where a gala dinner took place with a concert of the Miners’ Orchestra and a dancing party with folklore music of the band „Krakowianie”. During the dinner Rodolphe de Looz-Corswarem, the General Secretary of The Brewers of Europe was symbolically nominated a miner and as a proof of that he received a certificate memorizing this event.

Guests were enchanted with all surprises which were prepared for them. They particularly liked the excursion to Podhale with a cruise on the river Dunajec as well as the sightseeing of historical monuments on the Wooden Architecture Track. For most of the guests the stay in Cracow was the first visit to our country – they knew Poland from its best and prettiest side.

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