I never drive after drinking – marking beer labels from the initiative of the brewing industry

Opublikowano: 27 marca 2008

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Since the 1st of April 2008 the brewing industry progressively introduces the marking of beer packaging with the symbol „I never drive after drinking”. The project is an integral part of a long-run educational programme conducted by the industry on not driving after drinking. The symbol „I never drive after drinking” will be put on bottles and cans of beer produced in Poland by the breweries – signatories of the „Agreement”.


The marking of the packaging with the symbol „I never drive after drinking” is a joined initiative of the breweries united in UBIEP: Kompania Piwowarska SA, Grupa Żywiec SA, Carlsberg Polska SA and Royal Unibrew Polska Sp. z o.o., representing over 90% of the beer market in Poland. These breweries signed the „Agreement” regulating the principles of the symbol’s application to beer packaging.

The initiative is complementary to the long-run policy of the brewing industry of consumer education on responsible beer consumption and in this particular case – on not driving after having drunk alcohol.

„Giving a part of the beer label by its producers to introduce the symbol „I never drive after drinking” is not a one-time initiative. It will be a stable element of retail beer packaging and will simultaneously be part of our educational action” – informs Danuta Gut, director of the Management Board Office of UBIEP.

Educational activities on not driving after drinking alcohol were initiated by the brewing industry already in the 90’s. In October 2006 UBIEP signed the European Road Safety Charter, which was an initiative of the European Commission for the diminishment of the number of road accidents’ victims in Europe. The Polish Breweries initiated the campaign „Driving – not drinking”, conducted in cooperation with the National Road Safety Board and the police. The project is addressed to young drivers and is based on interactive animations conducted in pubs and night clubs by especially trained teams of animators. The educational activities are accompanied by controls of sobriety of the drivers performed by police road departments. The programme has been conducted for two years in selected cities. The educational activities have been so far organised in Łódź, Poznań, Cracow, Katowice and Warsaw. Over 60 thousand people participated in the animations.

Introducing the symbol „I never drive after drinking” is part of the strategy of the educational programme realised now as well as of the plans of its realisation in the future. Numerous marketing and consumer studies conducted by the breweries prove that the message in the first person singular concerning not driving after drinking alcohol on beer packaging makes the consumer identify him or herself with it, it is reliable and has a potential to change drivers’ behaviours. The content of the message „I never drive after drinking” concerns precise behaviours and is an opposition to general contents of orders or bans, which the consumer does not accept and does not identify with. The slogan was judged as very relevant and clear. It constitutes the principle which people should respect and the symbol placed on the label is its natural reminder.

„We believe that only joining the direct, interactive education which we conduct in pubs and night clubs with the messages on product labels can effectively affect the consumer – on one hand raising awareness of the problem of driving after drinking and on the other hand decreasing the social acceptance of this kind of behaviours” – adds Danuta Gut.

Bottles and cans with the symbol „I never drive after drinking” will be progressively available on shop shelves since the 1st of April. Another stage of the campaign „Driving – not drinking” is planned since the 18th of April, this time in Lublin. The actions will be continued in other cities, among others in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot and Olsztyn. The result of the educational campaign will be the creation of an internet Responsible Driver Club, signed with the symbol „I never drive after drinking”, exactly the same which is placed on beer labels.

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