Nationwide campaign „Drinking – not driving”

Opublikowano: 14 marca 2007

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Already on the 15th of March in Poznań an educational campaign of UBIEP starts under the slogan „You drank – don’t drive!” The aim is to raise awareness among young drivers partying in clubs that they should not drive after having drunk alcohol. Poznań is the second city where the campaign takes place.

12 500 persons participated in a piloting programme.


There is no way to define a safe alcohol quantity allowing to drive a car. Even one beer is sometimes too much to drive safely. This is why before partying in clubs starts, it is worth to reflect on an alternative, a safe transportation means back home or to simply designate a DRIver, i.e. a non drinking driver. „Such actions are another stage of the activities undertaken the brewing industry in Poland, which for many years tries to educate the society on responsible sale and consumption of alcohol. We produce beer and we want it to be sold according to valid legal norms and to be consumed in a responsible way. This is why we want to educate, especially young drivers, that driving a car under the influence of alcohol creates an immense danger. It is in this group that we see the biggest opportunities to change attitudes and behaviours” – said Danuta Gut, director of UBIEP’s Management Board Office.

From the 15th of March to the 1st of April in 30 selected bars, on pedestrian crossings and indicated roads of Poznań a Safe Party Traffic will start. Especially trained – also by a police psychologist – teams of promoters will educate partying people on the subject of optional and safe ways of coming back home after having drunk alcohol: by taxi with a special discount or by a night bus. Besides, animators will encourage people to participate in a game called „designated DRIver”. The idea of the game is to choose from a circle of friends one person who will on the given night not drink alcohol and drive friends back home. Every designated driver will be symbolically prized.

In its assumptions the programme „Drinking – not driving” is addressed particularly to young people who party in clubs and pubs. However the problem’s context is considerably wider. This is the assumption of the organisers of a social programme whose aim is also to draw attention to safety on roads and to threat that drunk drivers constitute. In frames of the action there are happenings organised on the streets of Poznań. On pedestrian crossings there will be „micro demonstrations” against driving a car after having drunk alcohol. Another element of the action in Poznań are car transporters carrying car wrecks, illustrating consequences of driving after having drunk alcohol.

Animations in the bars of Poznań were planned for weekends, because as police statistics indicate, drunk drivers most frequently participate in road accidents on the last days of the week (Friday through Sunday). Over the whole time of the action the police of Poznań will carry out strengthened controls of drivers’ sobriety, especially in the area of night clubs.

The mayor of the city of Poznań, Ryszard Grobelny, gave his support and patronage to the campaign. The action is also supported by the Regional Police Station in Poznań and the Association of Private Transport – Radio Taxi 9622.

The educational action will be conducted in 30 bars: Zielona Gęś, Pod Minogą, W Starym Kinie, Akademic, Pod Pretekstem, Alcatraz, Colloquium, Corner Pub, Alibi, Bogota, Szejk, Dubliner, Panama Bar, Deja Vu, Charyzma, Terytorium, Fuego, Lizard King, Dom Vikingów, Dragon, Puzon, Van Gogh, Columbus, Guliwer, Stara Piwnica, Piwiarnia, Bee Jays, Sioux, Jazz Sarp, Norma Pub, Smark, Londoner.

Happenings will take place on Thursdays and Fridays from noon to 6 p.m. on the following pedestrian crossings of Poznań: ul. Królowej Jadwigi – ul. Droga Dębińska, ul. Królowej Jadwigi – ul. Półwiejska, ul. Królowej Jadwigi – ul. Wierzbięcice, ul. Głogowska – Most Dworcowy, ul. Roosvelta – ul. Grunwaldzka, Rondo Kaponiera, ul. Św. Marcina – Al. Niepodległości, Al. Niepodległości – ul. Fredry, Rondo Rataje, Rondo Śródka.

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