New president of the Union of the Brewing Industry Employers in Poland Tomasz Bławat leads the brewing industry

Opublikowano: 10 czerwca 2013

Tomasz Bławat, head of Carlsberg in Poland, has become the new president of the Union of Brewing Industry Employers – Polish Breweries. The new president of the brewers’ industry representation has many years of experience in managerial positions, including in the FMCG industry. For years, he has been professionally associated with the beer market in Poland and Europe.

In September 2012, Tomasz Bławat became chairman of Carlsberg Poland Management Board, the function he has held until now. Earlier, from 2008, he served as CEO of ING Insurance & Pensions. Previously, he worked Kampania Piwowarska, a subsidiary of the global corporation SAB Miller, where he was responsible for sales, distribution and marketing as Deputy President. He also worked at Procter & Gamble, managing the company’s operations in the Baltic markets.

The new president of the brewers union is seen „a man of reasonable continuation,” and „an emissary of beer culture”:

 – I do not plan any revolutionary changes of the course. I believe that social responsibility activities will continue to be of key importance, showing that the brewers not only think about sales figures results, but also about beer quality, advocating models of responsible consumption among adults. A logical consequence of these activities will be to undertake joint efforts to promote beer culture. Fighting for market share every day, we consolidate our activities on the industry level to promote beer culture and responsible consumption. I understand beer culture not only as the „quality of consumption”, but mostly as a very rich spectrum of beer events, customs, behaviors and motives in the public consciousness  – says Tomasz Bławat, appointed as President of the Board of the Union of Brewing Industry Employers.

Tomasz Bławat’s responsibilities in the new position will not be restricted to leading the brewing industry in Poland. He will also represent the industry at an international forum, participating in general meetings of The Brewers of Europe, an organization of brewers from all over Europe.


The Union of Brewing Industry Employers in Poland is an organization that brings together the largest producers of beer in Poland, representing more than 90% of the market. It represents its members in relations with the central and local government administration, social organizations, and trade unions operating in the brewing industry. The Union’s statutory tasks include activities aimed at promoting responsible sale and consumption of alcohol as well as undertaking and supporting educational initiatives in this area. The Union of Brewing Industry Employers is a member of the European organization of The Brewers of Europe (European Breweries). For more than half a century, The Brewers of Europe, based in Brussels, has been the voice of the European brewing sector before the European institutions and international organizations. Founded in 1958, it has 28 members, including 24 national brewers associations from the EU, Croatia, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. Out of 3,500 breweries in Europe, the vast majority  are small and medium-sized, local and family facilities. The European brewing industry creates 2 million jobs. Within the European structures, the organisation is an active participant of the EU Alcohol and Health Forum created by the European Commission in June 2007, a platform for cooperation and dialogue between producers and non-governmental organizations in the European arena. On behalf of the European brewing industry, the Brewers of Europe signed the document „EU Pledge Beer”, which is a voluntary initiative of breweries, which aims to support the Member States in reducing damage caused by excessive and irresponsible consumption of alcohol.

The Union is a member of the Advertising Council, the organization responsible for self-regulation in the advertising field in Poland. It works to raise the standards of marketing communication by promoting good practices and stigmatising unethical and unfair advertising communications. The system of self-regulation is based on the Code of Ethics in Advertising, a document drawn up jointly by the representatives of the three groups within the advertising market in Poland: advertisers, advertising agencies and the media. The Code of Advertising of the Union of Brewing Industry Employers in Poland – Polish Breweries was attached as Annex 1 (Beer Advertising Standards) to the Code of Ethics in Advertising.

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