UBIEP started an educational campaign against driving a car under the influence of alcohol „Driving – not drinking!”

Opublikowano: 14 listopada 2006

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The piloting educational campaign under the slogan „Driving – not drinking!” started on the 9th of November 2008 in Łódź. The action is patronised by the mayor of the city – Jerzy Kropiwnicki. The patron of the actions of UBIEP is the National Road Safety Board. The action is backed by the Main Police Station.

The campaign in Łódź is supported by a consumer organisation – Beer Brotherhood (Bractwo Piwne) and Urban Taxi Enterprise (Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Taksówkowe). The activities are also supported by the Regional Police Station. The media patrons are Illustrated Express (Express Ilustrowany) and Radio Łódź.

The campaign is conducted in 20 selected pubs, bars and night clubs, in which Safe Party Traffic will be promoted: YOU DRANK – SLOW DOWN NOW – DON’T DRIVE. Trained teams of animators will educate partying people on the subject of safe ways to come back home after having drunk alcohol: by taxi with a special discount, by a night bus.

Animators will also encourage people to participate in a game called „designated DRIver”. The idea of the game is to choose from a given circle of friends one person who does not on the given night drink alcohol and drives friends back home. Every designated driver will be symbolically prized.

Education with the participation of animators will be carried out on weekends, from the 10th of November until the 3rd of December 2006, because as police statistics indicate, drunk drivers most frequently participate in road accidents on the last days of the week (Friday through Sunday). During the whole time of the action the police of Łódź will conduct strengthened controls of sobriety, especially in the area of night clubs.

The start of the educational campaign is a practical realisation of commitments undertaken by the Polish brewing industry in frames of the European Road Safety Charter.

The European Road Safety Charter is a project of the European Commission, whose aim is to raise road safety in Europe and to diminish the number of mortal victims of road accidents in the European Union until 2010 by half.

„Such actions are another stage of the activity of the brewing industry in Poland, which for many years tries to educate the society on responsible sale and consumption of alcohol. We produce beer and we want it to be sold according to valid legal norms and consumed in a responsible way. This is why we want to educate, especially young drivers, that driving a car under the influence of alcohol creates an immense danger. It is in this group that we see the biggest opportunities to change attitudes and behaviours” – said Danuta Gut, director of UBIEP Management Board Office.

Similar actions were initiated by breweries from various European countries. The most known campaign, „Euro BOB”, took place in many member states of the European Union, among others in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland.

As a signatory of the charter, UBIEP committed, for the period of three years (2007 – 2009) to conduct actions in the area of shaping safe behaviours in the road traffic and of educating on not to sit behind the wheel after having drunk alcohol.

The piloting campaign conducted in Łódź is aimed at testing applied mechanisms, evaluating them and perfecting them from the point of view of further actions. The continuation of the actions similar in nature is planned in other cities of Poland in 2007.

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