About Us

The Union of Brewing Industry Employers – Polish Breweries is an organisation that brings together leading beer producers in Poland. It shares its expertise and advises member organisations on market regulations and obligations of market players. Promoting the positive image of the brewing sector, it fosters cooperation to support the drinking culture and responsible alcohol use.


  • To protect the interests of beer producers in Poland – by submitting proposals, new legal, economic and organisational solutions to public administration bodies and the local government.
  • To represent its members in relations with the government administration, local governments, social organisations and trade unions operating in the brewing industry.
  • To build the adequate image of the brewing sector and its products
  • To implement activities that encourage responsible alcohol consumption by promoting the drinking culture as well as undertaking and supporting initiatives to reduce the access of the underage to alcoholic products.

Management Board

Mieszko Musiał

Vice-President of the Board

The Managing Director and the Chairman of the Board of Carlsberg Polska since 2 November 2020, previously Vice-President Sales (since 2016). Mieszko Musiał’s career in the brewing sector spans more than two decades. He joined Carslberg in 1998 as a member of a newly formed team accountable for key accounts at Okocim Brewery. He was gradually assuming new responsibilities while moving up in the sales department. He was appointed the Modern Trade Director in 2007, and became the Sales ad Distribution Director in 2010. From 2015 until 2016 he served as the Sales Director at Carlsberg Group’s head office in Copenhagen overseeing the Group’s Western European region. Mieszko Musiał graduated from Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu – NLU in Nowy Sącz. He also completed MBA course at Cracow University of Economics and multiple specialist courses, including INSEAD in France. He is a man of multiple passions, a pilot and a musician who, as he stresses himself, values family above anything else.

Simon Amor

Simon Amor

President of the Board

His career with Heineken Group, the main shareholder of Żywiec Group, started in 2016 when he was appointed the Commercial Director in the HoReCa channel and a member of the management team at Heineken UK. Serving as the Managing Director from 2020, he led the company during the crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Prior to joining to Heineken Group, he held various management roles at Colgate-Palmolive, including Group Sales Director UK & Ireland (2014-2016), Sales Director at Colgate-Palmolive Australia (2011-2014) and Customer Development Director at Colgate-Palmolive Europe (2007-2010).
He graduated the University of Surrey.

Igor Tikhonov

Vice-President of the Board

The President of Kompania Piwowarska since October 2018. His entire career has been connected with the FMCG sector. He embarked on his career in the brewing sector with SABMiller in 2001, first as Sales Manager and later as Strategic Development Manager in Russia. In 2008, he was appointed General Manager of SABMiller’s Ukrainian subsidiary, and four years later took on the position of General Manager in Slovakia.

In 2014, Igor Tikhonov headed Romania’s Ursus Breweries which under his leadership became the number one player on the Romanian beer market. For the past two years, he was also responsible for development of the company on the Hungarian market, where he made his mark as a seasoned strategist.  Under his leadership, the company returned to a steady growth path and began to generate record-breaking revenue.

Igor Tikhonov appreciates working with people. He compares his business achievements to sporting victories as both require massive team effort, and each and every success boosts energy and fuels the motivation to carry on. He sees time spent over beer as very special. He believes that it’s the perfect opportunity to jog down the memory lane, celebrate tradition and spend time together with friends.

Bartłomiej Morzycki

General Director

Bartłomiej Morzycki – a political scientist by education, a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science of the University of Warsaw.

The General Director of the Union of Brewing Industry Employers in Poland – Polish Breweries since 2017. From 2006 until 2017, he worked for 3M as the Governmental Relations Leader for subsidiaries of the organisation operating in Poland.  Previously, he continued his career with public relations agencies and public institutions: the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Social Affairs, and the Polish Parliament.

From 2011, he served as the Chairman of the Partnership for Road Safety.

A Board Member of the Union of Associations Advertising Council and the Council of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers.

Member organisations

Kompania Piwowarska

Kompania Piwowarska operates three breweries with a rich heritage: Tyskie Browary Książęce (established in 1629), Dojlidy Brewery in Białystok (1768) and Lech Browary Wielkopolski in Poznań (1895). This is where Poland’s favourite beer is brewed, including: Żubr, Tyskie, Lech, Dębowe, Redd’s and the collection of Książęce specialties. Proven recipes, natural ingredients, and immaculate hygiene in breweries as well as skills of our seasoned brewers – this is what it takes to guarantee that beers brewed by Kompania Piwowarska are appreciated in Poland and beyond.

As a socially responsible company, we care about people and our environment.  Whilst pursuing our strategy “Bet on Beer,”, we promote a responsible and moderate alcohol consumption, train vendors, save water and energy, support development of our business partners and remain strongly committed to volunteering initiatives. We are also the sponsor of many local teams.

Grupa Żywiec S.A.

Grupa Żywiec is a leading beer producer in Poland, offering the most complete portfolio of 13 beer styles, 16 brands and 41 products.

Our flagship brand is Żywiec – one of the most valuable Polish brands and one of the most popular Polish export beers marketed abroad for more than one hundred years. Our other leading brands include: Heineken, Desperados, Warka, and Tatra. Regional beer forms for an important part of Grupa Żywiec’s portfolio: Królewskie (Central Poland), Leżajsk (South East) and Specjal (Northern Poland), Brackie (South West). In addition, the company distributes foreign speciality beers (Paulaner, Affligen). We are a HEINEKEN Group company. In 2015, Grupa Żywiec’s sales accounted for more than 11 million hectolitres of beer brewed in five breweries: Żywiec Archducal Brewery, breweries in Warka, Elbląg, Leżajsk and Cieszyn Castle Brewery.  Grupa Żywiec is the only company among beer producers in Poland to be listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange where it went public on 24 September 1991. To learn more, please visit: www.grupazywiec.pl

Carlsberg Polska

Carlsberg Poland is a leading player in the Polish brewing sector and one of the three largest beer producers in Poland. Carlsberg Poland brews premium quality beer, reflecting enjoyable and joyful aspects of adult lifestyle. Consumers may choose from a wide range of winning beer brands, including: Carlsberg, Okocim, Harnaś, Karmi, Kasztelan, Somersby, and Grimbergen. An important part of its portfolio is regional beer – Bosman available in north-western Poland and Piast offered in south-western part of the country. Beers from Carlsberg Polska are brewed in three breweries with a rich brewing heritage, including: Okocim Brewery in Brzesko (1845), Bosman Brewery in Szczecin (1848) and Kasztelan Brewery in Sierpc. Total employment level in Poland stands at approx. 1,300. The company is committed to responsible alcohol consumption, encourages its employees to engage in volunteering initiatives, engages with its business partners in cooperation founded on mutual respect, promotes reusable packaging, and responsibly manages water and energy. The company has been distributing the Guinness brand since 2015. Carlsberg Polska is a subsidiary of Danish Carlsberg which was founded in 1847. To learn more, please visit: www.carlsbergpolska.pl

Partner organisations

We are a member of:

On 1 January 2004, the Union of Brewing Industry Employers in Poland - Polish Breweries became a member of the European brewing industry organisation The Brewers of Europe. Poland is the first country among new EU member states to join the European brewing community before its accession.

On 25 October 2006, the Union of Brewing Industry Employers in Poland - Polish Breweries became the signatory of the European Road Safety Charter. The Union of Brewing Industry Employers in Poland - Polish Breweries is a member of the Advertising Council. The Union of Associations Advertising Council is an organisation overseeing self-regulation in advertising in Poland. It is committed to enhancement of marketing communication standards by promoting good practices and highlighting cases of unethical and unfair advertising messages.

The self-regulatory system is driven by the Advertising Code of Ethics, a document drafted jointly by representatives of three stakeholder groups that form the advertising market in Poland: advertisers, advertising agencies and the media. The Advertising Code of the Union of Brewing Industry Employers in Poland - Polish Breweries has been enclosed as Annex 1 (Beer Advertising Standards) to the Advertising Code of Ethics.

In April 2016, the Union of Brewing Industry Employers in Poland - Polish Breweries became a member of Employers of Poland, the oldest and the largest employer organisation in our country, established in 1989 and currently representing 12,000 companies offering employment to more than 5 million people altogether.

On 1 March 2018, the Union of Brewing Industry Employers became a member of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers. It is an organisation which strives to improve conditions of doing business for enterprises in Poland; initiates and supports all activities aimed at eliminating all hurdles to business that go above and beyond EU requirements (EU+0) from the Polish legislative framework to ensure a level playing field for Polish and European companies.

In September 2019, the Union became a member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, Poland’s largest independent business organisation established in 1990. It represents the largest number of entrepreneurs and brings together nearly 160 business organisations.

We cooperate with: