Polish Breweries have championed numerous educational activities that strived to prevent the access of minors to alcohol.

Opublikowano: 24 August 2020

Consumers (the campaign “React When a Minor is Buying Alcohol. Your Objection Makes a Difference” implemented from 2004 until 2008);

parents (the campaign “React When Your Child Tries Alcohol”);

vendors and liquor store owners (the campaign “Alcohol – Underage Access Denied” implemented from 2003 until 2008; the campaign “Appearances May be Deceptive, ID is Not” and “Responsible Vendor” training platform launched in 2014).

With implemented initiatives, the educational message reached: 450,000 points of sale, more than 455,000 parents, nearly 150,000 teachers, approx. 38,000 trained sales assistants and almost 600 local governments.